Silberra ORTA80

Silberra ORTA80 B&W Orthochromatic film

# ORTA80

B&W orthochromatic film Silberra ORTA80 is at beta-test phase now. There are almost no orthochromatic films of such sensitivity available at the market now, so we hope that Silberra ORTA80 will be the one and only within that class.

Silberra ORTA80 shall have the next features:

  • high resolution and high contrast at the same time;
  • extra fine grain;
  • red light processing (which allows to work with the film as simple as working with b&w photo papers);
  • wide tonal and dynamic range;

As we've already composed the emulsion itself we have to solve a few technical problems now. We're going to run Silberra ORTA (and all the rest of Silberra films) in 35mm, in 61,5mm (120 Type) and as sheet films of different sizes. That's not that easy to run, as we have to upgrade and modify the coating machine we've been using for tests to comply with manufacturing upscale. We need to use the same perfectly designed substrate we used for Silberra PAN films; with its anti-halo, anti-curling and anti-static properties it would seriously improve the quality of the images you see as samples.