The analog photography era has gone..or has it? No one can deny that these are predominantly digital days but we're sure that digital books, music and photos can live side-by-side with hard covers, vinyl records and photographic film.
Now that there are no secrets left in a world of Google and Wikipedia, skills which require more than pure knowledge come with a higher value. Those skills and tools - which allow people to create something new, unique and beautiful - are no less popular than when compared to the pre-internet era; and while digital photography stays one of the most pervasive means to express your abilities to photographically create through your smartphone lens, film photography has become increasingly popular due to the magic of rituals.
Shooting, processing and printing shows that you have enough patience and skill to become immersed a process which starts with visualization and pressing a shutter button, to developing and hanging a framed print on a wall in your house. It means that your share in creating that specific piece of art is almost 100%.
It is for the love of this process - a creative immersion - that we've decided that there is space for several new films to join those that already inhabit the market.
To us, photographic films are almost like oils or watercolors for painters. The more colors you have, the more things you can draw, and the better you can express yourself. The more films that are present at the market, the more photos are shot and the more options there are for all of us to express what is in our hearts.
At Silberra, we'll do our best to keep our films at an affordable price point with a firm dedication to product quality.
Put simply: the world needs more film.