Silberra COLOR 50/100/160

Silberra COLOR film

Silberra COLOR series film has slightly different taste for everyone. Some photographers say that it reminds them Kodachrome colors, some would say that there are tints of another film. Actually the film will certainly show you that it is different from anything you've seen, right from the first look upon the emulsion.

High resolution and realistic render of colors are the special features of that film. While lower ISO will give you a bit more tender colors, higher ISO will bring a shift to magenta tint and more harsh colors, which may either become the feature for your shot or may easily vanish in color correction stage (whether you'll do it with enlarger or with scans - it doesn't matter a lot).

Meanwhile we use refurbished cartridges for our films and as color emulsion is quite sensitive, you may find some color leaks within first frame. Please keep it in mind, especially when loading the film into your camera under direct sunlight. To minimize or avoid the light leaks don't forget that loading the film in subdued light (you may always use your own shadow, in case there is not a single shaded place around you) is really good idea. We've tried different cartridge types, including the plasic ones, but with COLOR film the best way was to use the refurbished ones: they give better light protection. Meanwhile we plan to place order for converting the film into 135 cartridges with one of our partners, but that's not that easy to do as to say. But we'll keep working towards that goal.

Silberra COLOR film series seem to become the first one with both 135 and 120 type. The first batch of 120 type shall be handrolled, but thoroughly packed, as we did a lot to make small scale production of 120 type to be as good as industrial large scale production. And we hope that soon 120 type shall be available in b&w films also: that's good news for us and for those who backed us there at Indiegogo campaign (we do remember everything and every backer will get more than it was initially planned: we keep sending the perks, folks, really!).