Silberra Trinol Developer

Trisodium Phosphate Soft Photo Paper Developer

# Trinol

Silberra Trinol Developer is a single-solution soft and fast developer for papers on the basis of trisodium phosphate.
Silberra Trinol developer allows to get very high density of the black color in your prints. Silberra Trinol helps to increase in EI of photo paper up to 3 times. Processing photo papers with Silberra Trinol has two evident phases. Phase one lasts up to 1 minute: the image gets soft contrast and excellent tonal range. During the second phase, which lasts approximately from 1 minute till 1:45 the contrast goes up to normal and effective sensitivity of the paper is increased. That processing scheme gives one more instrument to control final contrast level of the prints.
Silberra Trinol shall be used with stop bath only. Due to special chemical properties of the developer it may cause high fog level if you don't use stop bath.

Chemical Composition:

Disodium edetate, metol, sodium sulfite anhydrous, hydroquinone, anhydrous soda, 1-Phenyl-3-pyrazolidone, trisodium phosphate, potassium bromide

Preparing Working Solution

A working solution is prepared by pouring the contents of the packs into water while continuously stirring the solution using a glass stick or special plastic stirring stick for chemicals. Use of distilled or filtered water is strongly recommended.
The method of preparation is as follows:
1) Warm 750 ml of distilled water up to 50-55 Celcium degrees (use a mix of hot and cold water, or use microwave to warm up the water).
2) Pour contents of pack #1 into the water while stirring until the powder is completely dissolved.
3) Pour contents of pack #2 into the water while stirring until the powder is completely dissolved.
Do not begin mixing the contents of pack two until pack one is completely dissolved. If any lumps of powder form in your solution, they can be broken down with your stirring stick. As soon as the working solution is ready (powders are totally dissolved), add cold water to make up to 1 litre and stir.
Allow the solution to cool to room temperature, nominally 20-22 C. At this point the developer is ready to use.

Development Times

Silberra Trinol Developer working solution is active and has high speed in processing. For baryta-based papers phase 1 lasts about 45-60 seconds, for RC-based papers phase 1 lasts about 35-50 seconds.

Usage Limits

Silberra Trinol Developer working solution for photo papers is able to process 3,5 sq.m. (approximately 85 sheets 18х24 cm) per 1 litre.


During storage period precipitate (usually whitish and flocculent) may settle at the bottom of the bottle. Precipitate doesn't have any influence on chemical properties of the developer. Filtering is not necessary because the precipitate will not affect the quality of prints also. Keep Silberra Trinol developer working solution and powder packs in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep away from children. All the solutions should be stored in tightly sealed bottles, with low internal air volume.

Expiry Date / Shelf Life

Silberra Trinol sealed powder packs can be stored up to 12 months past the production date; Silberra Trinol Developer working solution can be stored in a tightly sealed bottle for 4 months past the production date, and, if used, no longer than for 2 months after first use (in a closed bottle).

Disposal Regulations

Silberra developers and fixers must be disposed of in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country they are used in. Concentrated developers could be toxic and may harm the environment unless disposed in appropriate manner. Silberra recommends to use special disposal services provided by correspondingly licensed organizations which are eligible for photographic chemistry recycling/disposal.